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Letters by the “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little” Author – book of EB White Letters kicks off the new week of blog posts here at AnchoredScraps.

Today, July 11 is E. B.White’s birthday.  I’ve included an image of E.B. White’s Underwood typewriter, circa 1942.

Many months ago it arrived in the mail – my hardcover 2nd Edition of Letters of E. B. White – Collected and Edited by Dorothy Lobrano Guth, his goddaughter.

It was published in 1976.  In the Author’s note – E. B. White begins with – “Ideally, a book of letters should be published posthumously.” The book includes family photos.

“Remembering the Beauty of E. B. White’s World” Newspaper clipping

The unexpected treasure in pouring through my used hard bound 2nd Edition is the aged newspaper clipping that fell out from among its pages.   It had been tucked in for saving and I’m so glad someone had done that years ago!

The Washington Post article is entitled “Remembering the Beauty of E. B. White’s World” by Jonathan Yardley.  He was a Washington Post book critic since 1981 who wrote over 3,000 reviews and retired in 2014.   The article is dated Monday, October 7, 1985.   E. B. White passed away October 1, 1985 at the age of 86.   So this means this was written less than a week after he passed away.  It is a wonderful article.

Included today is a photo I have taken of the newspaper clipping; in looking around online I did not find it posted.  What this means to me is if I’m still not able to find after more searching in the future then I’ll look at including a pdf of it on a page here at AnchoredScraps.

NPR Interview “The Simply Elegant “Letters of E.B. White’

The audio interview is with E. B. White’s stepson, Roger Angell, from March 10, 2007.   Apparently the book I’ve got from 1976 has since been updated and is available in a newer version.  “Updated to include newly released letters written between 1976 and 1985...”

Charlottes’ Web

There is a chapter in Letters of E. B. White on “Charlotte’s Web”; it is fascinating to read the letters in this chapter while the book is underway.  The discussions of sketches of spiders is really mesmerizing.

In 2006 Wilbur the Pig from Charlotte’s Web was issued as a 39cent USPS stamp part of the Favorite Children’s Book Animals series.

I’m still remembering how wonderful it was to read this book in grade school.  Here is a movie trailer from the 2006 movie.


It is timely to read last week over at The Guardian “The Elements of Style” is ranked Number 23 of the 100 best nonfiction books.
I’m looking forward to reading more EB White Letters in the coming weeks and months.  Here’s to the joys of inserting a related newspaper clipping into our books for future readers!  

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EB White Letters Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image shown upper left – E.B. White’s Underwood typewriter, circa 1942. From Cornell University article “60 Years of Charlotte: E.B. White’s Enduring Classic”.  Note – E. B. White graduated from Cornell in 1921.

This Day In History July 11 1899 “Charlotte’s Web” author E.B. White born

YouTube Charlotte’s Web (2006) – Trailer posted by Paramount Movies Published on May 14, 2012

Image above U.S. #3988  Favorite Children’s Book Animals  Wilbur the Pig USPS Stamp

Excerpt and audio replay – NPR.org INTERVIEWS – The Simply Elegant ‘Letters of E.B. White’   March 10, 2007

TheGuardian.com – The 100 best nonfiction books: No 23 – The Elements of Style by William Strunk and EB White (1959) by Robert McCrum,  July 04, 2016



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