Reserve a copy of upcoming Seth Godin Book

The email arrived Monday about how to Reserve a copy of upcoming Seth Godin Book.

In my very first blog post here I included the influence of reading Seth Godin’s latest book at the time “and found his latest book a true call to action to not let the “lizard brain” get the best of you but to take your turn.  The book is called What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn) by Seth Godin.”    With that book I had pre-ordered five copies of the book that I’ve shared with friends and family, and ended up ordering another five more copies to share in the past year.

New Seth Godin Book – aka “A very big book (reserve a copy)”

His July 11th blog post (click here) shares the new book is to ship in time for the holidays.

Reservation form Deadline is Sunday, July 17 – this weekend.   The form is for reserving a copy of the upcoming big book and is non-binding.

From Seth’s Blog : First chance, best chance – July 11th
“Collectibles are a special form of book, not merely the vessel for the idea, but something worth acquiring and holding onto:

  1. There will exactly one printing. After that, no more. If you want a copy of the first book we did, you’ll need to find someone who leapt and got one when it was on offer last time. First chance is your best chance.
  2. It’s something worth keeping out, glancing at now and then, earning a spot on your coffee table or bookshelf. It’s more than 400,000 words, the best of the blog posts, articles and ebooks I’ve published since 2012, with a host of surprises as well. I hope it delights you, gives you a smile and makes you think…”   <–End of excerpt

Here is a YouTube of previous Seth Godin’s Behemoth Book

And on Twitter the person whose baby is in the photo is sharing before and after!

From Seth’s Blog : First chance, best chance it includes the image of baby on the book for scale.

Wrapping up – don’t forget the  free stuff! at Seth Godin’s website 

In conclusion, I wanted to mention be sure to check out the Free Stuff!  There are ebooks, PDF’s, and some manifestos he has shared which can be downloaded.

Wishing you a great Tuesday!   Join me tomorrow for my Wednesday blog post here at!

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Reserve a copy of upcoming Seth Godin Book Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

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