The Well Appointed Desk Par Avion stamp

Love, Love, Love this Par Avion Stamp from the Well Appointed Desk website!

I’m delighted to have it confirmed to me that the unique letter writing themed rubber stamps at The Well-Appointed Desk have been restocked!  They are no longer on back order!

Today’s blog post is a follow-up from my June 29th blog post on the Cavallini Rubber Stamps Par Avion.   In that blog post I shared – “There is another set of beautiful Postal Marks Rubber Stamps I’ve come across at another site; currently they are in the process of being re-ordered and once they are available I’ll share the details here in a future blog post.”

While looking at The Well Appointed Desk Original rubber stamp designs be sure to explore The Well-Appointed Desk website.  It is a blog “dedicated to the perfect workspace and office supplies.”  It includes Pen Reviews, Ink Reviews, Guide Sheets, and Refill Guides.

There is a July 14 Digital Life: Evernote Alternatives article.   And July 16 has a wonderful list of “Friday Favorites: Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week” which includes Star Wars.  Timing is everything and given my blog post on July 16 was on Pokémon GO Fountain Pens & Miami Pen Show seeing Pokemon Go included in the list had me smiling.


It is so much fun that some of the The Well Appointed Desk Original rubber stamp designs have availability in Art Block or Handle.

While writing today’s blog post I placed my order and am truly looking forward to them arriving in the mail.   For our friends traveling Across the pond these next two weeks wishing you a great trip!

Thank you for joining me today.  Here’s to having fun exploring The Well-Appointed Desk!  Join me tomorrow for my Tuesday blog post.  

Anchors Aweigh,  


The Well Appointed Desk Par Avion stamp Attribution
& Thank you to those referenced today

All images shown in today’s blog post are from The Well Appointed Desk Original rubber stamp designs Shop The Desk Products  @wellapptdesk. blog post Cavallini Rubber Stamps Par Avion June 29, 2016;  and Pokémon GO Fountain Pens & Miami Pen Show July 16, 2016 – both written by Helen Rittersporn




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