use ALL the Crayons! book by Chris Rodell

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use ALL the Crayons! book by Chris Rodell
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We are sliding into home plate today with our daily blog topic #599 use ALL the Crayons! book by Chris Rodell.   This book has been on my list of blog topics to include prior to my #600th daily blog post tomorrow!

This book I ordered several months ago and have enjoyed making my way through the book.  One of the things I continue to enjoy as I make my way through the book is not having to be sequential in reading it.

The list of 501 tips with 33 short essays makes up the format of the book.    Woven among the tips are the Colorful Days Diary essays.

On an aside, while the Title mentions Crayons there are actually no coloring pages in the book.

Here are a few Excerpts from use ALL the Crayons! book:

5. “Plan a dream vacation using colorful brochures and an itinerary of places to stay and things to do.  Put them in a large envelope in a secure place. Mark the envelope, “Things to do the day after I win the lottery.”

75.  “If you haven’t ever done it, make it a point to attend a Major League Baseball game and sit someplace where you have a better than average chance of snagging a foul ball.  Catching one is one of life’s great wee pleasures.”

101.  “Ask dog owners if theirs is a watchdog.  If they say yes, ask if it was hard to teach it to tell time and if it was a clockdog before it graduated into becoming a watchdog.”

349.  “Send your Christmas cards to be mailed from Santa Claus, Indiana, 47579, the only town in America with a functioning United States Post Office named in honor of St. Nick.”

480.  “Be sympathetic whenever someone complains about the rigors of an upcoming colonoscopy without saying, “Bummer.”

497.  “Make taking the high road such a habit that confused strangers along the way ask you for directions.”

This YouTubeUse All The Crayons!” What’s it all about? And why is it free?”

The book is uplifting and one I hope you’ll consider adding to your personal library. Have fun using ALL the Crayons!
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Use All The Crayons book by Chris Rodell Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Image above Book Cover & Excerpts – Use All The Crayons book by Chris Rodell  @8Days2Amish

YouTube “Use All The Crayons!”    “What’s it all about? And why is it free?”  posted by Chris Rodell Published on Dec 29, 2014