600th Daily Blog Post Today

These last 100 daily blog posts have flown by since July 9th finding us now at 600th Daily Blog Post Today !  

Happy Monday as we kick off the new week.  Probably one of the contributors to this sense of time flying by is having our puppy Cooper who is now 6 months old and still growing!

I’m continuing to use my Project Management skills to juggle blogging daily here while still working full-time.

Encouraging old-style correspondence continues to be the focus here with a positive place to stop by each day!

Today finds us with a look-back Milestone listing of posts from each 100th daily blog post here.  I’ve included One Year Milestone too at  How is your October going so far? Are you finding yourself writing more letters?  They can be short and dashed off but nonetheless better done than none with putting pen to paper and get into the mail our best of intentions to write! 600th Daily Blog Post Today
Milestones Summary

baby-anchor-clip-art-anchor-clipart2 1st blog post:
There’s Been Talk!
February 26, 2015
100th blog post:
My Dad
June 05, 2015
dreamstime_xs_16053374_square 200th blog post:
Celebrating blog post 200!
September 13, 2015
dreamstime_xs_27197387_square 300th blog post:
The Christmas Guest
December 22, 2015

365 Daily blog posts
February 25, 2016



One Year Blogging Anniversary
February 26, 2016

dreamstime_xs_44580074 400th
Daily Blog Post Today
March 31, 2016

500th Daily Blog Post Today
July 09, 2016 600th Daily Blog Post Today
600th Daily Blog Post Today
October 17, 2016











































Journey Ahead to the 700th Daily Blog post!

Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog post journey with me.    My plans are to continue blogging daily.  I still find this worth repeating from “Celebrating blog post 200!” –

“Any tendency for procrastination must be contained to with-in the 24 hours each day because the time stamp is going to occur regardless.  … What we do during each 24 hour period does make a difference in reaching our goals – and it is important to not just think about it but to actually take action.”

This next week will include determining our Puppy Cooper’s first Halloween costume and it will make for a fun future blog post here! Here’s to wishing a note-worthy week ahead!

Anchors Aweigh,
Helen 600th Daily Blog Post Today Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today blog posts all referenced above written by Helen Rittersporn



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