Sending Homefront Hugs Holiday Cards

Today we have the time-sensitive opportunity to participate in Sending Homefront Hugs Holiday Cards to our US Troops overseas.

You know those hand-drawn turkeys we talked about the past two days to include with our Holiday cards?   Here’s a great opportunity to include them with Thanksgiving cards sending to our US Troops Overseas.

Homefront Holiday Hugs deadline for Thanksgiving cards and letters is November 19 for stateside.

The deadline for Hanukkah and Christmas the deadline is December 7 for overseas; and December 18 for stateside.

The dates listed means for them to be received by date at Homefront Hugs
so can then be sent on its way.

We continue our focus this week on expressing our Thankfulness in our Letters.

From Homefront Hugs November 1, 2016 post:   ? “Writing our heroes -our wounded and sick warriors & deployed troops who always need Homefront Hugs but especially now for Homefront Holiday Hugs”.  It gives the details including how to label and send them all in one big envelope or box.


In addition, there is this handout for use as part of their Operation Healing Angel:  writing-our-troops-at-homefront-hugs-usa”.   It includes – Item “6. The messages should be of hope ,humor , spirituality (remembering we have many religions in our military) and some interesting things about the writer – ( your pets , your life , your city – or family ) . Again make them feel like REAL Homefront Hugs ! ?”

Back on January 15 we covered Homefront Hugs USA Valentines.  The group, Homefront Hugs was founded in 2001 shortly after 9-11.   Alessandra Kellermann, President and Founder, Homefront Hugs USA works tirelessly to “Support our troops & vets without conditions”.  It was a joy to reconnect with Alessandra on Monday at lunch time.

What comes to mind is how important our handwritten, hand-printed messages are wanted and prized for sharing sentiments of thanks and gratitude. 

Anchors Aweigh,  


Sending Homefront Hugs Holiday Cards Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image above of Homefront Hugs Writing Our Troops flyer @HomefrontHugs blog post: Writing Thankfulness Letters November 13, 2016 by Helen Rittersporn



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