Remembering Pearl Harbor on 75th Anniversary

On this solemn day, December 7, 2016, Remembering Pearl Harbor on 75th Anniversary is our blog post topic.

At the PearlHarbor75thAnniversary website, it is “…the official website commemorating National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.”

75th-logo-358x352_pearlharborThe image being shown upper left is the 2014 USS Arizona Memorial Priority Mail Express stamp by the U.S. Postal Service honoring “the tranquil shrine that pays tribute to the 1,177 sailors aboard the USS Arizona who lost their lives Dec. 7, 1941”.  It is the same image used in my blog post last year, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Special Section 

Over at the Yakima Herald located in Yakima, Washington they have put together a special section  of local stories;  “To mark the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack and America’s entry into World War II, we’ll be publishing a special section in Wednesday’s edition of the Yakima Herald-Republic and here on

In their story on “PEARL HARBOR: 75 YEARS LATER, A NAVY MAN REMEMBERS” it includes a recent photo from November 21, 2016, of 96 years old Carl Dry who was an aviation mechanic at “Kaneohe Bay Naval Base in Hawaii which was attacked moments before the bombing of Pearl Harbor”.

“… Dry’s children say he didn’t talk too much about his service oversees but there are a few wartime stories the family cherishes.

Dry joined the Navy when a newspaper he was working for in his hometown of Spokane folded; the Great Depression was in full swing.

Before leaving for the Navy, he met his future wife, Edna, at a dance at Eastern Washington College, said his son, Bob Dry.

“They basically met as a blind date the night before my dad was going into the Navy,” Bob Dry said from his Silver Spring, Md., home. “They kept in touch through the mail.”

A relationship bloomed from their correspondence, and they were married on July 14, 1944, well after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

“Everybody wrote letters back then; their relationship developed by correspondence,” said Dry’s daughter Christine Wilson, who lives in Kaneohe, Hawaii. “They got married at the courthouse in Seattle on his 24-hour leave. …”

The article continues with an impressive story from his son about his dad being awarded two Purple Heart citations.  And it goes on to share he is one of three living Pearl Harbor Survivors in his local area.  If you can find a few minutes you will want to read the full article here written by Phil Ferolito.  It is worth your time!

Today I am not closing my blog post with my usual sign-off but instead, am closing with revered silence.


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