Vintage Steampunk Typewriter Keyboard

Have you seen the Vintage Steampunk Typewriter Keyboard one can order for their computer?

Over at The Typosphere, Richard Polt posted images of three of these in a post on Christmas Eve.

Happy Thursday!  With being this close to the weekend today’s blog post is a bit shorter but fun!

These are different in design from the USB Typewriter we covered here in May 2015.

Ebay describes what we are looking at today as a “Vintage Steampunk Mechanical keyboard Typewriter with Cherry MX Switches”.  

Available in three colors – black, white, and “bright blue”.  They are listed at right under $200 plus shipping.  If you see one listed for less, pay attention to the shipping cost for it!

Exploring this style of keyboards is already showing more to cover in a future blog post!

In mentioning Richard Polt, he is the author of The Typewriter Revolution”. We have previously included mention of it several times here at AnchoredScraps. I’ve got his book and it is a delight to explore its pages.

Join me tomorrow for my Friday blog post. In the meantime, I find I‘m really curious if the Vintage Steampunk Typewriter Keyboard sounds like typewriter keys when using – at least that is my expectation!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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