Thank a Mailman Day 2017

On this Saturday it is Thank a Mailman Day 2017 along with Day #4 of #InCoWriMo 2017.  The International Correspondence Writing Month is about committing to writing one letter a day, each day, in February!

Thank a Mailman Day is an opportunity to thank the person who delivers our mail six days a week!  

It is held on February 4th each year.  This is a link to my blog post on it last year, February 4, 2016, including tutorial instructions for making a “nice tag to print off and attach with ribbon to a bag of M&M’s”. Perhaps next week will find the perfect opportunity to extend a sincere Thank You personally to the person who delivers our mail.

Day 4 #InCoWriMo

Yesterday I mentioned that for InCoWriMo February 2017 I’ve been taking a photo each day before having the letters trekked to the Post Office.   As of this morning with writing four handwritten letters before getting them to the Post Office, it brings my total count to 25 handwritten letters in four days!

February 01, 2017 – Day 1: hand wrote and mailed 5 letters [3 U.S.; 2 International]  


February 02, 2017 – Day 2: hand wrote and mailed 5 letters [3 U.S.; 2 International]  
February 03, 2017 – Day 3: hand wrote and mailed 11 letters [10 U.S.; 1 International]  
February 04, 2017 – Day 4: hand wrote and mailed 4 letters [3 U.S.; 1 International]  

Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post. Wishing you a great Saturday! 

 Anchors Aweigh,  


Thank a Mailman Day 2017 Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Image above @USPS #E20 – 1954 Special Delivery 20¢ stamp. Mystic Stamp Company. “Special Delivery stamps were pre-payments added to the regular “lawful postage” for an extra service – immediate delivery of a letter within one mile of any special delivery post office.   … First available in 1885, the Special Delivery service was extremely popular.   … The service was so successful that in 1886, every U.S. post office began to offer Special Delivery.” blog post Thank a Mailman Day February 4, 2016; Upcoming InCoWriMo February 2017, January 17, 2017. By Helen Rittersporn





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