Ship Ahoy! Letter Writing Nautical Thank You Note Cards

On this Saturday it is Ship Ahoy with these Letter Writing Nautical Thank You Note Cards!

Yesterday I received a fantastic letter from a new PenPal and it was in the best ever anchor themed envelope. Not surprisingly I’ve had anchor envelopes on my mind. It is fun to come across this stationery set I’m sharing in today’s blog post. Even though it is not the anchor envelope that I received yesterday from my PenPal, I really like these nautical themed notecards with plain gray envelope.

Ship Ahoy! Letter Writing Nautical Thank You Note Cards

For the letter writing and nautical enthusiast, the set of 36 original Note Card set is packaged with 6 designs with 6 each, includes Gray Envelopes too. I found it available at Amazon by Note Card Cafe for $12.99. If  you are a Prime Member, two-day free shipping.

“With a nod to nautical, this original notecard set features six different nautical designs including ship’s wheel, sailboat, anchor, whale, waves, and knots.”

Even with lots of rain I look forward to better weather, and can already hear the boarding whistle as I close today’s blog post. Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post with a follow-up from an earlier blog post this week.  Stay dry!
Anchors Aweigh,  


Letter Writing Nautical Thank You Note Cards Attribution & Thank you to the following

Image above, excerpt – Nautical Thank You – 36 Note Cards – 6 Designs – Blank Cards – Gray Envelopes Included, by Note Card Cafe



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