Once anonymous letter writer Spreads Joy 24-7

My Monday mail this week included a newspaper clipping from Mom on a once anonymous letter writer Spreads Joy 24-7. The article is from The Dallas Morning News January 19th.

Having just blogged on Sunday about the 60 POSTCARDS Rachael Chadwick book from 2014 – I found the premise for the SpreadJoy24-7 to have some similar qualities.


The Dallas Morning News, article “How this anonymous letter writer brings joy to strangers’ day”, shares Angela Joy Bailey, 27 years old from Grapevine, Texas began leaving hundreds of anonymous notes around the North Texas area in October 2016.

“…She said she never cared to have people know that she was writing the letters. She describes herself as a shy person. Growing up,  she dealt with bullying, anxiety and depression.
Despite the obstacles, they didn’t deter her from being kind.
The impact she’s having shows on her website, spreadjoy24-7.com. It’s there that people post photos of the cards and share their stories of how the messages touched them. …”

“Joy Bailey estimates more than 400 letters have been distributed since she started leaving letters for strangers in late October.”…

“Now, the creator of SpreadJoy 24/7 is trying to grow a grassroots movement based on kindness by inviting the community to join in…”

The article includes the address for sending letters for distributing and also for sending blank stationery and supplies.

Thank you to Mom for making the time to manually clip out the newspaper article and sending to me in the mail.

With two weeks into Lent the calendar shows Easter four and a half weeks to go. Wishing you a joyous Wednesday!

Anchors Aweigh,

Once anonymous letter writer Spreads Joy Attribution & Thank you to the following

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Image above www.tressavent.com-spreadjoy247 on SpreadJoy24-7.com

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