Craftedvan Snail Mail Magnetic Bookmarks

Today’s blog is having a bit of fun whimsy with these Snail Mail Magnetic Bookmarks made by Craftedvan.

With my letter writing these days, I’m finding a recurring quest for unique bookmarks and today’s post offers to combine a letter writing themed option with bookmarks!  

The set of handmade mini magnetic bookmarks comes in a set of 5.

These Craftedvan Snail Mail Magnetic Bookmarks are especially perfect to consider including with a letter to a Pen Pal.

Craftedvan Snail Mail Magnetic Bookmarks

“Read and Plan with your very own set of Snail Mail magnetic bookmarks! With the use of magnets, these bookmarks are able to clip over your page and stay where you last left them. They do a great job at cheering you on through any daily planning or book reading. Designed, printed, hand-made, and assembled with lots of love! 

Created using photo stock and thin magnet, these vibrant bookmarks are just the right thickness to ensure they securely keep their spot while not damaging the pages in your book. Each bookmark has a designed front and back as seen in photos. It is a perfect companion while reading!   … ”   To read the entire listing click here.

Their online site listing is for $15.00 Canadian and going through their shopping cart experience at payment method it does not include PayPal. Over at their Etsy shop, it is listed for less and my experience with Etsy it accepts PayPal.

Recently I picked up a set of 20 paper bookmarks at a local dollar store for one dollar sitting there among the back-to-school supplies! From a budget perspective, these are a splurge and look to be so much fun! Enjoy exploring.

 Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. If you want to have fun looking at ideas for other things to include in your snail mail letters, here is a link to my blog post, Encouraging Letter Writing Enclosures from 2016.

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Image above CraftedVAN SNAIL MAIL MAGNETIC BOOKMARKS (MINI 5 PACK). Excerpt.  CraftedVan Etsy Shop@craftedvan daily blog post by Helen Rittersporn,  Encouraging Letter Writing Enclosures, June 21, 2016.



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