Blue Book of Stationery by Crane & Co

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It was just this past March, my post was on Sharing CraneandCo Vintage Letter Writing Advertisement.

The Blue Book of Stationery by Crane & Co.

The book came out in May 2012. In ordering this book over the weekend, it is to arrive today! I’m looking forward to its arrival to have in hand, still prefering the 189 pages over electronic delivery.

“… communicate confidently …”

Book Cover Crane Blue Book of Stationery“In our increasingly global society the only thing more important than what we say is how we say it. Newly updated and expanded, Crane’s Blue Book of Stationery provides all the guidance you need to communicate confidently with others in both personal and professional correspondences. This invaluable illustrated guide will ensure you send the right message, no matter what the situation.”

According to the Crane & Co. web site description for the book, it has been “Updated and revised with the guidance of Pamela Eyring & Robert Hickey.”

I’ll keep you posted on making my way through the book. Here’s to writing our “P’s” and “Q’s” – properly!

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