Boo-ti-ful Itsy Bitsy Spider stationery set

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Boo-ti-ful Itsy Bitsy Spider stationery set
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With next Tuesday being Halloween, our blog post this morning is on the Itsy Bitsy Spider stationery set. And, before starting this post – this is a reminder now is the time to get those best of intentions Halloween cards into the mail!

Itsy Bitsy Spider stationery set

Over at Etsy, you will find this listing by the KindWordsStationery Shop.  It ships world wide from Canada.

In addition, the quality of the paper letting you choose at check-out from among the premium brand papers. Also, there is a lot of flexiblity for how you want to order the Bitsy Spider stationery set – ala carte ordering options!

Paper selection choices are as follows:

Option 1: G.Lalo Verge de France pape;

Option 2: Triomphe paper by Clairefontaine; and

Option 3: Printed on “white” Tomoe River paper.

“Each sheet is approximately 5.25″ x 8.25″ (A5 sized), and fits inside the envelope when folded in half. I’ve matched the envelope colours to the themes of the stationery, but I’ll send a few different colours just to keep things interesting.”

Finally, to read the entire description including about the mailing labels …click here.  It looks Boo-ti-ful to me!

More on the Blue Book of Stationery by Crane & Co from yesterday – 

Before closing today’s post, here’s a quick update on my new book arriving yesterday.

In thumbing through the Blue Book of Stationery by Crane & Co it is fantastic!  The format, layout, and size of the paperback (think “a little larger than 5 x 7 format) make it a great find. This is one book I’ll be keeping within arms length for looking up items.

Join me tomorrow for a fun whimsical Friday blog post. Enroute to the countdown to daily blog post #1000 Milestone in November,  tomorrow will be #975!   Here’s to a boo-ti-ful Thursday.

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