Letter Writing Desk Must Have – Hallmark Peanuts Typewriter Sentiment Holder

Recently picking up the Hallmark Peanuts Typewriter Sentiment Holder and looking at it has me posting about it as a Must Have for our Letter Writing Desk.
I’m now at six typewriters in my personal collection, excluding this one! When I first started blogging here I had one typewriter!
The Hallmark Peanuts Typewriter Sentiment Holder, the photo shows some of the double-sided sentiment cards with it.

Add to this item not only being a typewriter but also Peanuts this became a must-have for me!

Hallmark Peanuts Typewriter Sentiment Holder

Knowing I’m saying this with a touch of whimsy it is still a LOT of fun!  What I am loving about the keyboard is it spells out across it on the keys “HAPPINESS” on one row, and the next row “IS”. The idea being look above at the sentiment card.
Each of the 15 sentiment cards is double-sided making it one for each day. I’m guessing for those months with 31 days I rotate through a repeat of my choice.
Among the feature listing items I’m including these three from the description:
  • “Put a smile on a friend or family member’s face with this whimsical typewriter that holds an optimistic Peanuts message for the day.
  • Simply slip a card into the top of the cold-cast resin typewriter for display.
  • This pack includes one sentiment holder that measures 4.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall by 4.25 inches deep, with 15 sentiment cards.”

While I was enjoying shopping in person at the Hallmark Store buying this item, I am seeing it available online including here.

If you are new to my blog you may have missed my footer. “This site is 100% self-funded; there are no affiliate links, there is no vested interest. Any recommended items are due to an interest in them.” 

While it was 2015, I still enjoy this blog post on Cooper’s A Charlie Brown Christmas tree & stampsHere’s to making time for Happiness and Letter Writing!

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P.S. Today is daily blog post #956 since launching my site. This came up earlier tonight on #Blogchat. The impact of Mack Collier’s 4Ws of Blogging for me is included in my first blog post, “There’s Been Talk!”.  Stay tuned for more about #Blogchat in a future post!

Hallmark Peanuts Typewriter Sentiment Holder Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today –

Hallmark Peanuts Typewriter Sentiment Holder, Image, and excerpt, from Amazon listing.

AnchoredScraps daily blog post:  Cooper’s A Charlie Brown Christmas tree & stamps, December 09, 2016; “There’s Been Talk!”, February 26, 2015, by Helen Rittersporn.



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