Large Letter Slot Rubber Stamp

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Large Letter Slot Rubber Stamp
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Today we wrap up my vintage letter writing themed topics this week with Large Letter Slot Rubber Stamp. Believe me, tomorrow things change up a bit around here – more on that at the end of today’s daily blog post.

Coming soon to a Pen Pal’s Mailbox Near You …

First, it inspires me to envision it going with the Art Deco Mailboxes book we looked at last week.

Secondly, if you are looking for a letter writing rubber stamp image for putting onto your envelopes this is one for adding to your collection.

Large Letter Slot Rubber Stamp offering by 100ProofPress

The 4 inches by 1.75 inches stamp is $8.75.

“Rubber stamp perfect for scrapbooking and art making.”

The description continues with sharing the production process.

“Hard detailed images are deeply pressed into genuine red rubber. Next using a magnifying glass we trim the image and cushion together on a scroll saw with a close and perpendicular cut. The wood mount is smooth hard maple, 3/4 inches high with curved sized, custom cut to fit the image. The image on the top is permanently stamps with jet-black printer’s ink.”

Cover Art Deco Mailboxes An Illustrated Design History

Art Deco Mailboxes An Illustrated Design History, from my October 05, 2017 daily blog post

As we head into the weekend, join me tomorrow as we see things going to the dogs, literally! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. I’m still awaiting the arrival of my Art Deco Mailboxes coffee table book!

Large Letter Slot Rubber Stamp Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today for my daily blog post encouraging letter writing –

100ProofPress image, excerpt

AnchoredScraps daily blog post: Image as referenced Art Deco Mailboxes An Illustrated Design History, October 05, 2017, by Helen Rittersporn