Building Your Own Portable Typewriter Case Stand

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Building Your Own Portable Typewriter Case Stand
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We are kicking off the new work week looking at three different building your own Portable Typewriter Case Stand articles.

All three of these blog post authors The Typosphere includes in their listing for The Mighty Blogroll; it is an honor to continue to be in the listing too – for over two years now and still counting!

Our letterwriting can include using our vintage typewriters – and with them we may be looking for our own Portable Typewriter Case Stand!


To begin with we are looking at OzTypewriter article Underwood Portable Typewriter Case Stand from September 2013. It is written by Robert Messenger.

It includes this short YouTube.

In addtion, the article shows an Underwood adaptation foldable design of a patent by William John Wade.

Browsing an old Popular Science magazine, spotted this typewriter desk-case.Wade’s original idea was for telescoping tubes to extend four legs. Underwood compacted it to three legs with support braces. …”

Backspace does not erase

The next article is over at Backspace does not erase website from July 2017.

“Typewriter Desk-Case – Browsing an old Popular Science magazine, spotted this typewriter desk-case.”

The photo is from that article. It also includes diagrams and observations of the prototype.

Building Custom Desks

Rounding up the three posts is this one at the buildingcustomdesks website, from August 2016.

The site is “David Randall’s free blog on building your own desk, other woodworking stuff, and fun with typewriters.”

In the article, “Typewriter Case Replacement for a Remington Noiseless 7”,  he takes us through his situation:

…typewriter from eBay (Remington Rand Noiseless 7) arrived with its case, and was in pretty good shape…except for the smell.  Mold. 

This was not a problem for the typewriter – a new ribbon and time in the open air cleared that.  The case was a different matter.  Even closed, it couldn’t stay in the house.” …

Another item to read about with interest is how he goes on to describe how getting rid of the smell was elusive until arriving at his solution.

“The only solution was to strip the hardware from the case, build a new one from 3/16″ Baltic birch plywood, and fit the hardware to the new case.”

His photos along with step-by-step wood working instructions end with showing off his new case.

In conclusion, you’ll have fun reading these articles and it may pique your interests to build something similar.

30 Day Countdown Underway to AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post #1000 Milestone

In looking ahead to AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post #1000 Milestone, it is less than 30 days away! It will be on November 21, 2017,  two days before Thanksgiving 2017.

How quickly the time continues to pass by since first launching AnchoredScraps letter writing blog on February 26, 2015. Today is daily blog post #971.  We will continue to gather here daily encouraging old-style correspondence letter writing. Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog journey with me.

Here’s to a great week ahead – see you tomorrow!

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