Paperie: The Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper

Our daily letter writing blog post finds us today looking at the 1999 book, Paperie: The Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper.

First, special thanks to my stamp club buddy, Bruce, for sharing this delightful book. It was a great time at the Wilmington Philatelic Society meeting last night with the stamp auction. Between Bruce as auctioneer and Jimmy delivering the sold item to successful bidders, it was a fun time!

Special thanks to my stamp club buddy, Bruce, for sharing the book at the Wilmington Philatelic Society November meeting last night.

I’m going to go ahead and fast forward, and then circle back to the book. Given the book was written in 1999, I did look to see if it had an online site and blog, and sadly discovered this article from 2015, While We Were Sleeping…Kate’s Paperie Closed. 

Paperie: The Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper

Leafing through the pages the page with very large font message jumped out at me:

… Nothing is more charming than a handwritten note. Nothing gives greater pleasure than a letter penned by hand….” – Paperie, Page 38

The book includes a two-page layout showing sizing for different size paper and envelopes.

I’m finding copies of the hardcover book very reasonably priced with no shipping costs within the U.S. over at AbeBooks.

“… Paperie: The Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper, written by Bo Niles in conjunction with Kate’s Paperie, explores that dimension and widens our understanding of the role of paper throughout history and its importance in communicating with books, letters, cards, currency, wrapping paper, room decoration, and anything else you can imagine.

Paper is a gracious and hospitable medium; while it can easily be transformed through folding, cutting, printing, or tearing, it also has the power to transform through wrapping and decorating. Paperie documents our relationship with paper, describing its creation from wood fibers and cotton rags, the use of it in packaging and printing, and the way in which a simple sheet can inspire the imagination to artistic creativity.

The first section of the book, “Transforming Paper,” describes the ways in which societies have adapted paper to their uses throughout history, most notably through writing, printing, and the creation of stationery, envelopes, greeting cards, books, and journals. The second section, “Transformed by Paper,” deals with the more artistic uses of paper and the ways in which it affects each surface to which it is applied, whether that surface is a box, lamp, wall, floor, kite, or banner. …”

In conclusion, if you find yourself wanting to have a small splurge you’ll want to consider getting this book.

For my letter writing Pen Pals who read my blog, trust me you’ll want this book! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. I’m going to search to see if there is a new rendition of Kate’s Paperie, stay tuned!

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Image, excerpt – Paperie: The Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper

“While We Were Sleeping…Kate’s Paperie Closed.”  BY SOHOSTRUT

My stamp club buddies, Bruce, Jimmy, at the Wilmington Philatelic Society (WPS)

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