Writing Christmas NewsLetter Hybrid

This week I’m looking at Writing Christmas NewsLetter Hybrid; this is where I find myself balancing those ‘best of intentions’ letter writing with ‘getting out our Christmas cards’. 

On this first Monday in December, this is now my third Christmas Holiday Season to be blogging, all the while encouraging making the time for letter writing. I’m mindful this week it is TIME to consider, prepare, and move forward with putting pen to paper, and having the computer send to printer my hybrid design!

Writing Christmas NewsLetter Hybrid

Our family Christmas scrapbooks have been enjoying each year since 1995 a Christmas Newsletter I write for the scrapbook(s)! It has not been mailed out but is front and center for that year’s Christmas IN THE ACTUAL ALBUM.

This year, realizing it is NOT too late (!) I’m looking at best ways for Writing Christmas Newsletter that actually gets included WITH the Christmas cards. Of course, I still want to have handwritten “notes” on the card.  So I’m thinking the same stuff one repeats every single time can be in the Christmas NewsLetter portion, and this is where the Hybrid comes in – have a check-off box, and fill in the blank section on it too.  Just as I call my scrapbooks hybrid with scrapbook pages physically cut and adhesive applied to photos to adhere to the page, it can also contain digital pages that have been printed and included too.

AnchoredScraps Christmas Newsletters blog post, 12-06-2015, includes this image

I’ve got a base to start from, and that is from my July 07, 2015 letter writing post on When letters go unanswered (& suggested solution)“.

If you too have been considering wanting to DO something different this year with your cards, I hope you will consider something along these lines! Stay tuned, when I have the form completed I’ll post it (sounds like a follow-on blog post!) 

Anchors Aweigh,  


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