Write Now: J Peterman Letter Writing Contest!

It is a delight to share there is The J Peterman Letter Writing Contest just getting underway! Their “Ink and Paper Letter Contest” is through February 28th – perfect timing with upcoming #InCoWriMo2018!

Be sure to see my P.S., and P.P.S. at the end of today’s post!

Before starting, my thanks to the Letter Writers Alliance for their tweeting about The  J Peterman Letter Writing Contest Instagram posting on Thursday.  

About The J Peterman Letter Writing Contest! 

To read the entire JPetermanCompany Instagram click on the image to link to it.

“…Write us a letter. Type it or write it by hand. It can be about anything, but let’s keep it to one page. One letter per person. As our mailbag fills up (yes, an actual mailbag), JP will select a letter once a week—starting two weeks from today—and respond to it personally. The author of that letter will also receive a $150 gift certificate.
We’ll keep this going through February 28, and at the end of the contest, we’ll randomly select one of the weekly winners to win a Counterfeit Mailbag.
Send your letter to:
Ink and Paper Letter Contest
The J. Peterman Company
5345 Creek Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242-9514
We can’t wait to read your letters. Our empty mailbag is ready and waiting…now.”

And yes, yours truly is writing them a letter!  I hope you will write them one too!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Not to give away tomorrow’s blog post topic — think #InCoWriMo2018!

P.P.S. AnchoredScraps is now on Instagram! Today was my first post – with Hello InstaWorld!  

The Letter Writers Alliance Tweet about The J. Peterman Company Instagram posting, this is a clickable link.
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