Refreshing Letter Writing Stationery Stash – all in time for #InCoWriMo

We are welcoming in the new week with a look at the rarely done Refreshing Letter Writing Stationery Stash.   Before we get started, I’m wanting to say Welcome to several new email blog subscribers here at AnchoredScraps – Welcome!

Refreshing Letter Writing Stationery Stash – all in time for #InCoWriMo

With #InCoWriMo 2018 almost here it has found me sorting and doing even more organizing of stationery supplies. Think of this as similar when taking stock of spices in the kitchen and tossing very old tins of sage from several Thanksgiving gatherings ago!

Speaking of #InCoWriMo, arriving in my inbox at lunchtime today was the following. “The InCoWriMo 2018 Address Exchange is up and running! If you’re interested in receiving mail from other InCoWriMo Participants, add your name, address (and perhaps a few words about yourself) to the exchange. Visit the exchange to either share your address or look for willing victims recipients – or both!”  <– The key item here to note is that it’s the NEW thread for 2018.  This is especially helpful if you’ve been wanting the same feature like last year when one can give a little bio along with name and address.

Recycling Old Christmas Cards

If you are trying to figure out what to do with old Christmas Cards from last month, I’m recalling a blog post of mine from December 29, 2016, on the Recycled Card Program St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Nevada.

You’ll find the details for sending your cards to them. “Year-round, we happily accept used all-occasion greeting cards.”  

“Included among their tips for sending them your cards, it mentions they do not accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting cards.  The preferred size, along with an address for mailing to them in Flat Rate box is there too.”
“Only the card front can be used (please check to be sure the backside of the front of the card is clear of any handwriting, etc.).   

There is still time for organizing ourselves with Refreshing Letter Writing Stationery Stash! And see if you don’t have some old expired sage among your kitchen spices while you are at it!

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