AnchoredScraps Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary

We are kicking off a new week celebrating AnchoredScraps Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary!  Today is daily blog post #1097!

Thank you very much to my Pen Pal in Washington State who sent the enclosed beautiful hand made card – I’ve been looking at “Do Not Open Until FEB. 26″ written on the outside envelope until this morning when opening!

My blog post focus today is the ongoing realization and empowerment of completing daily routines. It continues to amaze me the cumulative impact of showing up daily and writing my blog post. It is a joy to be here each day!

I’m including this quote again on this Annual Milestone Celebrating AnchoredScraps Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary since launching on February 26, 2015.

“Any Tendency for procrastination must be contained within 24 hours each day…because the time stamp is going to occur regardless.”
– Helen Rittersporn,
Still relevant reflection on Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary

Thank you to my Pen Pal who lives in Washington State for this special card she created and sent in the snail mail early. LOVED the “Do Not Open Until FEB. 26” written on the back envelope. I’ve been looking at it since arriving February 17th!

The joy of hearing from subscribers who include reading this post on a daily basis is a honor and privilege. Thank you again for continuing to be on this daily journey with me as we strive to keep up analog old-style correspondence letter writing.

This next year will find me expanding my daily routines to make sure I’m exercising too.

 On this Monday, thank you for continuing to be on this daily journey with me! Just a reminder today is Day 26 of  #InCoWriMo2018 (International Correspondence Writing Month); it has two more days to go with the month of February. Join me tomorrow as we march into Tuesday here at AnchoredScraps beginning the march to completing four years!

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today –

Image Happy third birthday. Colorful balloon greeting card background ID 89648184 © Gulsen Gunel

AnchoredScraps: AnchoredScraps Second Year Blogging Daily Anniversary 2-26-2017;  One Year Blogging Anniversary 2-26-2016

Image 3rd Anniversary hand made card from dear Pen Pal in Washington State




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