Better Than A Text Postcard Set Ginger P. Designs

We are looking at the Better Than A Text Postcard Set by Ginger P. Designs for our blog post today. Yesterday the Myrtle Beach Stamp Show was a lot of fun which I’ll recap in a post here soon; I’m still digesting all of what I was seeing! With this being Day 11 of #InCoWriMo 2018 it has been a busy day of letter writing pen pals!

Better Than A Text Postcard Set by Ginger P. Designs

Image by Ginger P. Designs of “Better than a text cuter than an e-mail’ postcard. This is a clickable image to link you to it.

If the company name sounds familiar, it was just last month, we were looking at her Ginger Mail Stationery Subscription Service. It was wonderful having one of these beautiful postcards from the Better Than A Text Postcard Set in the January order. In addition, my order for three sets of them is wonderful to have on hand now for sending.

The “set” just means there are ten of the same 4 x 6 postcards in the package. The quality of the paper is really nice – it is NOT skimpy. I’m good with the pricing of them at $10 for the set.

This is the postcard for sending that will end up most likely on display with the recipient – it is that nice!

Join me tomorrow as we begin a new busy week ahead: Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday and Lent begins on the same day with it also being Ash Wednesday.

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. In addition to continuing to write one letter each day this month for #InCoWriMo – I’m really happy about writing a bunch of letters today! These Pen Pal letter replies are going out in the mail tomorrow to Edmonton, Alberta; and also mailing to Colorado, Georgia, Ohio,  Penn., and Washington.

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Image Ginger P. Designs Better than a text postcard

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