Writing Everyday Valentine Letters Year Round

Today’s post is a deliberate play on words with Writing Everyday Valentine Letters Year Round.  The intent is to be incorporating into our everyday letter writing – every once in a while – to be sharing those things we never get around to expressing. As a reminder, not only is next Wednesday, Valentine’s Day it is also the first day of Lent with Ash Wednesday.

Writing Everyday Valentine Letters Year Round

In my post last Saturday, it included describing the importance of getting out a letter to my friend who has been battling the flu at age 80 years young; she has had it for over two weeks and is now in the hospital.  I did get my letter off in the mail earlier in the week and continue to be lifting her up with my prayers.

The heart of my blog post today is I’m thinking if we can try to get around once a year and rotate through everyone, we end up with making the time for Writing Everyday Valentine Letters Year Round. In addition, I’ll be sharing soon insights from hearing from my dear friend Nancy this week. She was relating letter writing insights from visiting in December a cherished college friend providing support; helping her friend whose husband is battling cancer. Even in the midst of it being full of challenges her message was most uplifting and inspiring.

Thank you for joining me today, and I’m sure you may have noticed it is being posted earlier than usual.  The Myrtle Beach Stamp Show is kicking off today for the weekend! It means yours truly is off early with fellow stamp club buddies for a day road trip. I’m anticipating a blog post on it very soon, perhaps even tomorrow!

In the midst of so much unknown, we do have the present. This weekend is a great time to write at least one letter and we can include it with Valentine’s card sending it off now! 

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P.S. I’m including this from Buddy Holly; apparently, I’m still hearing his songs a week after last Saturday’s post.

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