Receiving Delightful Incoming SnailMail Letters

The letters arriving in the U.S. Mail today finds me blogging about the joys of Receiving Delightful Incoming SnailMail Handwritten Letters. It is most wonderful receiving in the mail today three letters, one Valentine’s card, and two postcards; today is day 13 of #InCoWriMo 2018!

The letters include two new Pen Pals introducing themselves who are participating each in #InCoWriMo!  One new Pen Pal is from Alaska, and one from Illinois. And to receive a letter from Canada from a Pen Pal – who we met last year through the event – is extra special! The Valentine’s Day card is from a dear friend who I believe we are at over 10 years now of sending each other Valentine’s cards, in fact, we exchange cards and all types and sizes of our letter writing year round! She is one of “My Three Muses” here at AnchoredScraps!

With Valentine’s upon us tomorrow, it is timely to share the impact and how wonderful it is to read real handwritten letters.

In case you are trying to figure out what to give your someone special, I encourage writing a few lines in the form of an actual letter – and include in your Valentine’s Day card!

It is a priceless gift of your time; please do not underestimate how special and endearing it is for the recipient to receive a handwritten letter from you! Thank you for joining me today for Receiving Delightful Incoming SnailMail Handwritten Letters. 

Anchors Aweigh,  


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