Letter Writing Envelope Ruler Addressing Template

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Letter Writing Envelope Ruler Addressing Template
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Today we are looking at a stationery letter writing tool one can use for an Envelope Ruler Addressing Template.

Envelope Ruler Addressing Template

First, I’m seeing where this stationery letter writing tool is looking  similar to one previously seen here; today’s post finds me recalling one from back in 2016. Furthermore, I’ll be sharing more on that at the end of today’s post.

Letter Writing Envelope Ruler Addressing Template

We are beginning with this description of the Envelope Ruler Addressing Template Set. It“… includes All Items For Letters: Ruler Template, Set of 5 Envelopes (6.38 x 4.45 in) and Perfect Stamp Stickers”

  • “Best Results – Fits Every Size, Including Wedding Envelopes, No More Squiggly Words
  • Best Effect – Create Lasting Memories For Friends and Family
  • Easy To Use – Accurate Placement On Any Envelope, Postcards, Return Addresses, Boxes”

Another plus is the pricing. It is less than $7. It is eligible for Amazon Prime two-day shipping.

The Lettermate envelope addressing guide, this is a clickable image linking to my June 22, 2016 blog post

Recalling the Lettermate Envelope Addressing Guide

If the function of the Envelope Ruler Addressing Template above is sounding a little familiar, you may recall a blog post from June 2016. We were looking at the Lettermate envelope addressing guide; we will see some similarities with the template itself.

In addition, perhaps you will consider adding one of these template tools to your letter writing supplies!

Thank you for joining me today.

As a reminder today is Day 3 of National Letter Writing Month. Have fun writing a letter today, and hopefully every day this month!

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