Quality Park Envelope Moistener Dab-N-Seal

Discovering the Quality Park Envelope Moistener Dab-N-Seal is a great way for sealing our envelopes – think of a nice glue stick! Previously we have even looked at Making Our Own Envelopes, today we are looking at envelope sealing option without the fuss or mess for all types of our stationery.

Quality Park Envelope Moistener with Adhesive Dab-N-Seal

It is serendipitous to discover this product earlier this evening, it was while browsing in the store as my car was having an oil change.

“Quality Park Brand, spill proof bottle with spring-valve applicator that will not clog. Good for gluing all paper products. Fast drying.”

The 1.69 fl oz bottle can secure over 1,500 Envelopes.

“Never lick the flap again! Use Quality Park Envelope Moistener to seal envelopes securely and safely. The moistener adhesive helps seal any paper products, from business envelopes to mailers. Spring valve applicator resists clogging. Moistener is nontoxic and acid-free. Good for more than 1,500 envelopes.”

Note – my bottle has a green cap, different from the stock photo. I’m also seeing it available in packs of four.

The pricing at the local Walmart Super Center was a little over $3. I’m seeing it available at OfficeSupply.com for half that price, however, to have the free shipping requires a minimum $45 order.

With this being the last week in June, here’s a product that will help us sealing our envelopes in style.

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