USPS Forever Stamp Honoring First Responders Available September 13

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USPS Forever Stamp Honoring First Responders Available September 13
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On this Sunday afternoon, I thought it a perfect time for sharing about the upcoming USPS Forever Stamp Honoring First Responders. This next week, on Tuesday, will be September 11. In the midst of all the talk of a potential hurricane coming this way to the East Coast, specifically to the Carolinas, I am pausing to make sure we know about this stamp.

About the USPS Forever Stamp Honoring First RespondersUSPS Forever Stamp Honoring First Responders

First, the stamp will be available nationwide on September 13, 2018. In the meantime, it is available for Pre-ordering USPS Forever Stamp Honoring First Responders.

Furthermore, I’m including this from the August, 2nd USPS Stamp Announcement.

“With this stamp, the U.S. Postal Service recognizes the men and women — firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical service professionals — who respond to critical situations with skill, dedication, and uncommon bravery.

First responders are found throughout society, from small townships to the federal government, and their ranks often include a wide range of law enforcement professionals and public safety personnel.

The digital illustration on this stamp is a symbolic scene that shows three first responders in profile as they race into action.”

In addition, the format for the stamp comes on a pane of 20 stamps pressure-sensitive for $10.00.

Thank you for joining me today. I’m off to go do some storm preparations around the house! 

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P.S. Our countdown to #1,300 continues; today is daily blog post #1,292 celebrating letter writing!

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