LeafCutter Designs Halloween Themed Tiny Letters from “Secret Spider”

These LeafCutter Designs Halloween Themed Tiny Letters can arrive in time from a “Secret Spider”!

First of all, I’m writing today’s blog post with the wind gusting and rain churning outside now from Tropical Storm Michael. We are grateful for good news of friends and continue the sentiment from yesterday of “With Paws Crossed in Prayers” for the remainder of its path. Furthermore, this week has felt like it has gone by really fast with the tracking of Hurricane Michael.
Halloween Themed Tiny Letters Secret Spider

LeafCutter Designs Halloween Themed Tiny Letters from “Secret Spider”

Yesterday’s email from Lea Redmond with Leafcutter Designs was a delight to receive reading about the news of the “Secret Spider” Halloween Themed Tiny Letters.

Here is the LeafCutter Designs Secret Spider Tiny Letters link to the website page. It includes fun ideas for distributing them and different pricing options from one to many!

Quoting from her email it includes the following:

“Spook” your loved ones with our sweet little “Secret Spider” letters this October!

We’ll send anonymous “Secret Spider” letters for you, or you can purchase them in bulk to hand-deliver or mail yourself!

It’s kind of like a Halloween-themed valentine. If you’re sneaky about how you distribute them, they won’t know it’s from you until you reveal yourself as their “secret spider”

LeafCutter Designs: “We’ll send them for you in see-through envelopes! Or buy them in bulk to hand-deliver or distribute yourself!”

LeafCutter Designs

If the name LeafCutter Designs sounds familiar, we have looked at several of her wonderful letter writing books and tiny letters offerings here at AnchoredScraps for several years.

In conclusion, it is really fun seeing the creativity LeafCutter Designs has come out with for this Halloween!  I’m definitely exploring my “Secret Spider” tiny letter writing options!

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