Backups & 2018 November Letter Writing Challenge

We are beginning the new month with debuting details of our 2018 November Letter Writing Challenge. In addition, I’m encouraging us to make the time to run backups, whether they be of our smartphone contacts and photos, hard drives, our emails, databases and more!

Time for Backups!

Consider this a PSA Reminder on it being time for running backups. You already probably know all of the recurring items that you are dependent on and/or would miss if it were gone. If nothing else, make a top 10 checklist of items and run on a monthly basis. At least it will be a recent backup and has to be better than just thinking about it!

Personally speaking, I run full backups daily for this site always wanting to have the most recent daily post included in the backup. image Autumn Foliage November Header


AnchoredScraps 2018 November Letter Writing Challenge

Below you will find November theme specific items for this month! And yes, there is a letter writing goodie as a prize for each who complete!

Challenge Items are for between November 01 and 30, 2018 Name of Addressee Completion
Did you receive a Reply?
1 – Write a turkey-shaped letter using the Annual Hand Turkey Competition layout as inspiration.
2 – Send a Veteran’s Day card
3 – Write a letter of Thanksgiving (for either reading at Thanksgiving and/or for mailing)
4 – Typewriter “Look” letter – it is okay to do one of these or a combo of a typewriter, computer font, or hand print it to resemble.
5 – Send a postcard with “Happy Thanksgiving” in the message to a pen pal. If you do not have a Pen Pal, write to someone suggesting trying out being pen pals.
Fountain Pen Extra Credit – participate in National Fountain Pen Day writing at least one letter with a fountain pen
Pictorial Postmark Extra Credit -Request a pictorial postmark for either yourself or for sending to someone

Thank you for joining me today. Here’s to a busy month ahead!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today image Autumn Foliage November Header ID 102402840 © Alexander Limbach

I’m including the 10-01-2018 post on AnchoredScraps 2018 October Letter Writing Challenge



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