AnchoredScraps 2018 October Letter Writing Challenge

This morning we are greeting the new month by introducing my AnchoredScraps 2018 October Letter Writing Challenge. Happy Monday!

Rather than vaguely suggest writing a handwritten letter sometime this month to five people, here is a challenge for writing five specific correspondence items this month!

There are even two “extra credit” line items.

AnchoredScraps 2018 October Letter Writing Challenge

This is for writing and sending between October 1, 2018, and October 31, 2018. In addition, “There is talk” of an accompanying BADGE to go along with it!  You can knock them all out in one day, the last day, or pace yourself – whatever is most convenient for you.

The letter writing themed ‘goodie’ for completing will be announced later this month.

Go ahead and print this off and put with your letter writing stationery stash.

Challenge Item Name of Addressee Completion
Did you receive a Reply?
1 – Write a letter
2 – Write a postcard
3 – Write a Thank you note letter
4 – Write a letter of encouragement to someone you have been “meaning to write”
5 – Write a letter to a pen pal. If you do not have a Pen Pal, write to someone you think you would like to correspond with as a Pen Pal and suggest it.
Extra Credit 1: Request a pictorial postmark for either yourself or for sending to someone
Extra Credit 2: Send a Halloween card from your pet to a friend’s pet

Furthermore, trust knowing that I’m going to have one for November, and December too with specific items relating to those months. Have fun. I’m off to the printer to get started!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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