Post Script by Crane Giving Thanks article offers letter writing suggestions

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Over at Post Script by Crane site, their Giving Thanks article offers letter writing suggestions is worth sharing today. It has some great tips for helping to figure out who to write during this time of Thanksgiving. One of my pen pals has some adorable personalized stationery from Crane and Company. I’m trying to figure out which one it is for ordering and sharing here in a future blog post!

Crane Giving Thanks article letter writing suggestions

The blog post is from earlier this week.

“With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought it was appropriate to reflect on the meaning of gratitude, and, specifically, how we demonstrate our appreciation. Expressing thanks is as simple as it gets, but do we say it enough to those that mean the most?

There are people in our lives that make things run smoothly and efficiently. But with them so engrained in our day-to-day, their efforts tend to get lost in the fray…”

Furthermore, in the Crane & Company article specific ideas are given for Teachers, Babysitters + Pet Sitters, Neighborhood Post Office Staff, Your Local Haunt, and Work Family. To read the entire article by Crane Giving Thanks article letter writing suggestions, click here.

One of my longtime email blog subscribers here, who I met at my first WordCamp Wilmington as a Presenter, shared a wonderful magazine ad she had saved from years ago and was in my blog post, Sharing CraneandCo Vintage Letter Writing Advertisement, 3-29-2017.   In addition, another one of my daily blog posts was on the Blue Book of Stationery by Crane & Co, 10-25-2017.   There is still plenty of time for writing letters of gratitude to special ones this upcoming Thanksgiving.

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Post Script by Crane Giving Thanks Showing Gratitude Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today for my daily blog post encouraging letter writing –

Showing Gratitude by Crane & Company, excerpt, banner image, November 5, 2018

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