Time for Cup of Tea and A Teacup Collection Notes

The idea of letter writing using A Teacup Collection Notes stationery looks like a perfect combination. Of course, I’ll want to have a cup of tea with me when writing a note.  A warm welcome to new email blog subscribers here at AnchoredScraps.

A Teacup Collection Notes

There are twenty different note cards and envelopes in this card book. It came out in 2015 from Chronicle Books. Molly Hatch is the illustrator.

“The age-old ritual of drinking tea has come to represent many things: a pause for reflection, a time to share with friends, or a party for special occasions—all of which make the teacup the perfect vessel for sending a spot of good cheer.”

A Teacup Collection Notes

Product Dimensions:4.4 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches.

The stationery note cards appear to be a companion to her 2015 hardback, A Teacup Collection: Paintings of Porcelain Treasures. “In paintings as pretty as the porcelain they depict, this gift book celebrates one of the finest teacup collections in the world: the 300-piece archive of the Clark Art Institute, which dates back to the eighteenth century and represents coveted designs of the day from Europe and China…”

With the pricing of A Teacup Collection Notes stationery at less than ten dollars, it looks like a great offering. I’ll be adding to my list for stationery to have on hand. Next month is the month of daily letter writing in February celebration for #incowrimo2019. Stay tuned for more details on it very soon.

In the meantime, I’m hoping you are staying warm, and with time permitting making time to have a cup of hot tea (and letter writing)!

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A Teacup Collection Notes: 20 Different Notecards and Envelopes Card Book by Molly Hatch  (Illustrator), and hardback listing above. Both links are affiliate links.

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