Discovering Vintage Garfield Envelope sets

With it being Saturday, a comics theme seems perfect with Discovering Vintage Garfield Envelope sets.

Hope this finds you staying warm today.

2010 44c Sunday Funnies Garfield USPS stamp, at Mystic Stamp Company

There was a time when I had a LOT of novelty items with Garfield.

I am including this stamp of Garfield.

Discovering Vintage Garfield Envelope sets

The Etsy Shop, MakeUponaStar is listing a set.

“Handmade Garfield envelopes to send to your pen pals! No two are the same, even if they’re the same character!
May slightly differ from photos. But all are from the same book

5 envelopes in each set and space to put your addresses on!

All my envelopes are handmade, so there may be slight imperfections. All of which add to the character :)”

Being remote today, and discovering the Internet is down where I am, has me posting by smartphone! It feels like writing a letter on three-ring notebook paper when I was ready to write on my Crane notecards!

For now, here’s to hot cocoa and staying warm!

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