Final stamp in the Lunar New Year series: 2019 Year of the Boar Forever stamp

“Celebrating Lunar New Year” is on the labeling for the Year of the Boar Forever stamp.

Image USPS Tweet 22Jan2019

Today, February 5, begins the Lunar New Year 2019. The USPS began issuing the stamp on January 17th.

The Year of the Boar Forever stamp is the last one in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series taking twelve years!

To begin with, from my post back in 2016, “The Postal Service introduced its Celebrating Lunar New Year stamp series in 2008.  The series will continue through 2019 with stamps for the Year of the Rooster, Dog and Boar.” 

Next, I’m including this Twitter image from USPS sharing about the recent dedication.

“The Year of the Boar got off to an early start last week, when we dedicated the final stamp in our Celebrating  series. The stamp is available in sheets of 12 at Post Offices and!”

Year of the Boar Forever stamp

Year of the Boar Forever StampIf the stamp is not available in your local post office yet, and/or prefer ordering online, over at the USPS website – this is the link for ordering the Year of the Boar Forever stamp. Note they are in self-adhesive sheets of 12 stamps.

“Around the world, millions of people welcome a new year with gifts, music, and celebration! Bright pink peach blossoms highlight the 2019 Year of the Boar stamp from the U.S. Postal ServiceR, the 12th and final stamp in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series. The Year of the Boar begins February 5, 2019, and ends on January 24, 2020.”

Lastly, these are my previous AnchoredScraps blog posts for each year I’ve written.

2016 – Year of the Monkey Forever stamp 2-5-2016

2017 – Year of the Rooster Forever stamp 1-10-2017

2018 – Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog Forever Stamp 1-11-2018

Just as in previous years, I’ll be ordering a sheet of them and using them! All of my envelopes have their stamps on them already for InCoWriMo 2019; however, I’ll begin using them next month!

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P.S. Day 5 of InCoWriMo 2019!

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