Paper Fingers Typewriter Event March 29 & 30

The Paper Fingers Typewriter Event is this weekend, Friday and Saturday, March 29 & 30, 2019. It has a longer title actually of “Paper Fingers – Mechanical Typewriting In The Digital Age”. 

Before beginning, today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1490. When I first began writing my blog I had one typewriter and now I have six typewriters!

The Paper Fingers Typewriter Event is one of two Typewriter Events I’m seeing this week over at The Typosphere.

First, there is a Typewriter event at Broward College in Florida, March 26 today. It includes the screening of California Typewriter movie. Furthermore, if you are new to my daily blog, I’m including this link to my post on California Typewriter movie with Tom Hanks & The Typosphere, from 9-08-2017

Paper Fingers Typewriter Event March 29 & 30, 2019

Secondly, I’m seeing the Paper Fingers Typewriter Event listing here: Typewriter event in Rockford, Illinois.

Paper Fingers Typewriter Event Mechanical Typewriting In The Digital Age

In looking for more information on the two-day event, I’m seeing alleventsinrockford mentioning the following.

“… hands-on mechanical typewriter exhibition equal parts type-in, social engineering, creative writing experiment, exhibition, and historical analysis. … over 15 different types of mechanical typewriters, all which will be accessible for public use durIing the first night of the exhibition.”

In conclusion, there is a joy with using a Typewriter and perhaps you’ll be able to attend one of these events, and perhaps inspire adding a typewriter to our letter writing cadre of tools! Happy Tuesday!

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