It is time for running backups of letter writing addresses

I’m finding it is time for running backups of letter writing addresses. My post today is a big reminder for doing this at least once in a while! 

One of the easier methods I’m finding lately, especially if short on time, is to take a photo of it (i.e. envelope with name and address on it) with my smartphone.  THEN I have several options including emailing myself, save and have for reference on my phone, and then of course at some point be making backups of the data on my phone.

If you are new to my daily blog, every once in a while I include a blog post on the topic of reminding us to have backups. It ranges from backing up our digital and also analog data – in this case for letter writing to have a backup of all the names and addresses that may be ‘at large’ and about on our desks, in kitchen drawers, in a backpack, in the car, and/or elsewhere!

Here are a few of my previous AnchoredScraps posts on running backups of letter writing addresses

In conclusion, I hope you will consider incrementally capturing the names and addresses of those we are corresponding, it really does come in handy later having it available and easy to access.

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P.S. Today is blog post #1491! The countdown to AnchoredScraps #1500 daily blog posts continues!

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