Spring Type Out pennysmiths paper

Seeing the invite advertising Spring Type Out pennysmiths paper over at The Typosphere has me smiling; it is this Sunday, April 28, 2019, in Albuquerque.

First, I’m wanting to be sure to extend a warm welcome to the newest AnchoredScraps email blog subscribers!

Spring Type Out pennysmiths paper

Reading about the Spring Type Out this weekend has me recalling when I first began blogging here over four years ago, I had one typewriter. Now I have over six manual typewriters at last count!

Be sure to check out pennysmiths paper, who is hosting the Spring Type Out.

“Socialize with like minded “Types”!

I’m thinking it is time to get out one of my manual typewriters for a little letter writing over the weekend!

As a reminder, this is our last weekend for the month of April, which is National Letter Writing Month 2019 (my 4-01-2019 post).

Join me tomorrow for my Saturday blog post.  Here’s to wishing you a great weekend. My plans include “helping” Cooper write his Thank You for his 3rd year Birthday Pawville Party last week!

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