The Original ScrapBox ScrapMaBoxes

The Original ScrapBox ScrapMaBoxes is our AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1499 this morning.

Fellow organizing enthusiasts (and those of us who think about it) rejoice!  In researching last week the details for today’s post it was a joy to talk with The Original ScrapBox company and go over my office armoire measurements and photos for looking at letter writing storage options.  There are more details on my armoire below, but first, let’s start with this short video on The Original ScrapBox ScrapMaBoxes.

“Our ScrapMaBox accessory is your stackable storage solution. Now you can have your pens, tools, and other small items right at your fingertips!”

Next, we have details on what is in each one.

The Original Scrapbox ScrapMaBoxes

The pricing is $39.95 for each of The Original ScrapBox ScrapMaBoxes.

  • “1 ScrapMaBox Storage Unit
  • 8 Adjustable Shelves
  • 2 Building Clips to keep multiple units in place
  • Easily store supplies vertically or horizontally!
  • Designed to fit in The WorkBox and The Studio Tower!
  • Beautiful white finish for clean look

Assembly required – Instructions Included

Horizontal Dimensions – 12 3/4″ W x 6 3/4″ D x 7 1/4″ H” 

In conclusion, my sincere desire in sharing this information is it may help those of us pine to have space for all of the small items calling for lots of nooks and crannies!

Helen’s Pursuit of Office Armoire Letter Writing Storage Options 

First, for my office armoire, I have been tweaking my current set up and exploring ideas for even more letter writing storage options. Last Wednesday, talking with a member of their Customer Service Team was great fun! In exchanging dimensions and photos they are suggesting The Original ScrapBox ScrapMaBoxes as ideal candidates along with getting a variety of their plastic totes.

From my August 27, 2017 post, “Left side green tub holding containers are Correspondence. The right side is for stationery.”

Perhaps you have an office armoire that still has a computer tower space. Mine does and there is a dark wood drawer area- both great candidates for the ScrapMaBoxes. In addition, other items we are considering include a white magnetic board for one of the two inside door panels. Also, there is a spool holder looking at adjusting with velcro.

The Original ScrapBox company I first became aware of in 2009 with my scrapbooking studio and still use my ScrapMaBob.

In a future post, I’ll be including photos of the entire interior of my office armoire – especially for a “before and after” with The Original ScrapBox ScrapMaBoxes!

On an aside, we continue to be in the midst of getting the house back to pre-Hurricane Florence condition. In my study, one finds the dining room table is hanging out with my office armoire. The new hardwood floors arrived and are all stacked in the dining room awaiting their installation which will be after the painters. Currently, the outlook for all to be done by June.

Furthermore, you can check out a previous AnchoredScraps post – Sunday Letter Writing Organization from 8-27-2017, which shows the big inside area of the armoire.

Join me tomorrow for my AnchoredScraps #1500 daily blog post celebrating letter writing! 

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