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It is a joy sharing with you Discovering Blog & Website on this Tuesday morning! At the end of my post, I’m including sharing one of my Dad’s expressions; it fits describing a recent discovery regarding my small personal typewriter collection!

Yesterday I came across Twain’s typewritten letter to autograph hunter post by Mark Adams in The Mighty Blogroll at the Typosphere. If you can spare a few minutes today I encourage you to get a beverage and enjoy reading that post as well as exploring the Blog & Website too.

This is a clickable image linking to May 13, 2019 blog post, “Twain’s typewritten letter to autograph hunter”. 

Discovering Blog & Website

There is a wealth of Typewriter items of interest at!

One, the TYPEWRITERS tab lists 30 different category listings along with images and descriptions of SOME of the typewriters he owns or formerly owned.

Two, I’m seeing previous blog posts dating all the way back to 2013!

Next, one of the things I LOVE about the site is when hovering your mouse over the banner the text changes from black to red. This is just like on a typewriter how one can switch between black and red on the typewriter ribbon. It also works when hovering over the blog post title too.

The Resources Tab categories include Past Posts, Women and the Typewriter, Type-Writer, Hyphenated, along with Digital Ephemera, Links, and Contact.

Furthermore, the About page includes a snail mailing address (hooray!) for corresponding, along with a Subscribe to Blog via Email link.  And finally, it is wonderful seeing under Tech specs, the site is on WordPress!

“Don’t Anyone Move!”

With encouraging old-style correspondence letter writing here at AnchoredScraps, we have always included Typewriters among our recurring theme topics.

It has been almost four years since posting Dad’s typewriter (5-30-2015) which has me sharing the following sentiment, quoting one of his expressions —  “Don’t anyone move!” To which he would announce he was looking for something and ask had anyone seen it.

In today’s case I’m saying “Don’t anyone move!” with my observation since my last posting about Typewriters here, my typewriter collection has grown from six to seven typewriters.  I’m going to have to see if our three-year-old Brittany Spaniel, Cooper, brought it home without telling me!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1539 on the countdown to #1600!

Discovering Type-Writer.Org Blog & Website Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today “Celebrating the writing machine”

“Twain’s typewritten letter to autograph hunter”

the Typosphere

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