Franklin Christoph Fountain Pen Storage Penvelope Options

The Franklin Christoph Fountain Pen Storage Penvelope options I’m seeing include their Lucky 13 Penvelope in Croc Print Brown.

It is among the sampling of items listed in their email today letting me know it is available right now online at their site; it is also available at the Triangle Pen Show this weekend.


Franklin Christoph Fountain Pen Storage Penvelope Options

I’m showing is of the Franklin Christoph Lucky 13 Penvelope.  They also offer the smaller Penvelope Six.

Their website has a beautiful listing of its features.

I’m including this small excerpt from it.

“Store or transport your precious fine pens in this well designed high quality leather case. As useful as it is stylish, you can easily tuck your collection away in a small space, or slide it into a briefcase or travel bag to transport.”

“Franklin-Christoph custom design using our flagship leathers.”

…  Hidden magnet for secure and easy fastening of penvelope.

… 13 slots to hold the best of your collection. Slots extend to near the bottom of the case to keep pens fully separated.

In addition to the dimensions, weight, and other details this is the link.

The timing for seeing this is wonderful, especially with Father’s Day around the corner for several of our AnchoredScraps email blog subscribers who LOVE fountain pens!  Perhaps printing off today’s blog post and circling it may help offer a hint!


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