Wax Seal Non Stick LetterSeals.com

All afternoon I’ve been carrying around my 2″ Tin of Wax Seal Non Stick from LetterSeals.com.  They are having free first class shipping on US orders of $10 offer promotion going on through tomorrow, end of May.

Wax Seal Non Stick from LetterSeals

Wax Seal Non Stick LetterSeals.com

Earlier today, I came across it while decluttering some of my letter writing supplies. My non toxic Wax Seal Non Stick LetterSeals.com was tucked in among my stationery order stash from ordering back in December.

Below I am adding bold emphasis to part of the excerpt I’m including.

“When creating wax seals, you should never have to apply any force
to remove the seal face from the cooled/cooling wax.
Doing so could bend or break your stamp.

We have developed our tin of non-stick to allow a sealing coin to quickly and easily release from the cooling wax.

Dab you seals face a few times onto the interior pad to apply our Seal Non-Stick, 
then stamp your hot wax.

A little goes a long way – if you get too much on the stamp face, 
simply wipe the face across the interior pad to remove.

We use this product in our own studio, and wouldn’t work without it! 

One tin is plenty for 100+ seal creations…”


If the name is sounding familiar, over the past four-plus years here of blogging daily I have written several blog posts featuring different items from LetterSeals.com.  My first post including featuring LetterSeals.com was In praise of sealing wax for finishing our letters (6-07-2015).

Clickable image linking to LetterSeals.com. This is a snapshot of the top part of the landing page today, May 30, 2019.

Is the month of May really almost over? Talk about a fast-paced month! Join me tomorrow for my Monthly Blog Recap. In the meantime, stay cool with this weather!

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