USPS 1945 Victory at Last WWII Sheet of stamps

We are looking this morning at the USPS 1945 Victory at Last WWII Sheet of stamps from 1995. Yesterday was the 74th Anniversary of VE Day. If you have a few minutes this morning, grab a cup of coffee, hot tea, or diet coke and pull up a chair.

Before beginning, a little background on this sheetlet. It is #5 out of a USPS series of 5 sheetlets for commemorating the World War II 50th Anniversary.

“…– one for each year of the war – that consisted of a large center map framed by five stamps on the top and five on the bottom.  Five years of commemorating WWII would yield five sheets, for a total of 50 stamps, enough for an honorable tribute and accomplish Postal Service goals.”

USPS 1945 Victory at Last WWII Sheet of stamps

From time to time, I have been seeing sheetlets from this series up for sale at the WPS auctions, in fact, I’ve got one having purchased it at a recent auction.

1945 Victory at Last WWII Sheet of stamps
Image USPS, at Mystic Stamp Company, U.S. 2981, 1995 32¢

“The fifth and final installment of the World War II series commemorates the 50th anniversary of the war’s final year. Titled “1945: Victory at Last,” these 10 stamps chronicle the events leading to Germany’s surrender, the Japanese surrender, and ultimately the Allied victory. Nearly 300,000 American service personnel lost their lives between 1941 and 1945.”

There are ten stamps on the U.S. #2981 1995 32¢ 1945: Victory at Last WWII Sheet.

At that link are the detail stories about: Iwo Jima, Fighting Frees Manila, Okinawa, Allies Link at Elbe, Surrender at Reims which includes “Germany’s actual surrender came at 2:41 A.M. on May 7th… The ceremony was repeated for the Soviets the next day – history has recorded May 8th as V.E. Day or Victory in Europe Day ever since.”; Refugees, Japan Surrenders, Sailor and Nurse Kissing, and Hometowns Honor Vets.

Before wrapping up, be sure to check out the VEDAY75 org website.

“… organising VE Day 75, a three-day international celebration that will take place from 8th May to 10th May 2020.”

See you tomorrow for my Friday blog post as we head into Mother’s Day weekend.
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