On painters and revisiting the expression moving the cannonballs

Our post today finds us revisiting the expression moving the cannonballs! With the painters arriving tomorrow morning, it is finding me getting ready for them. Yes – you read that right – THE PAINTERS we have been in the queue for post-Hurricane Florence last September are on schedule to be here tomorrow, for first thing Monday morning!

Revisiting the expression moving the cannonballs

First of all, I’m mindful if you are new to my daily blog, then you may not be familiar with the expression ‘moving the cannonballs’; therefore, I’m including the below excerpt from my October 19, 2015 blog post ‘moving the cannonballs’.

moving the cannonballs“In our family and with our friends in time you will hear the expression ‘moving the cannonballs’ – it is used to denote having activity but not making any real progress; it is in reference to an episode from the 1960’s television series: “The Wild Wild West“.   The television series ran on “CBS for four seasons (104 episodes) from September 17, 1965 to April 4, 1969. Two television movies were made with the original cast in 1979 and 1980, and the series was adapted for a motion picture in 1999.”  One description I read said to think of it as James Bond in the Wild West with all of the gadgets set to that time.

For some time now I’ve been looking for the exact episode and finally came across it!    In the episode “The Night of the Pelican” our hero, James West (Robert Conrad), goes undercover, who “masquerades as a military prisoner at forbidding Ft. Alcatraz” – he keeps getting assigned to move 105 iron cannonballs – in the three pyramids of cannonballs – (each weighs forty-two pounds) all over the grounds because each time there’s ‘only one minor little problem’.” – Helen Rittersporn

On Painters

Secondly, it is true – my waiting until this weekend of moving around of items for the painters’ arrival.

Furthermore, here’s to looking at upcoming schedules and decluttering ahead of them.  In the meantime, wishing you a great Sunday!

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P.S. Today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1579, the countdown continues to #1600!

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