Kate Spade Stylus Pen

Seeing the Kate Spade Stylus Pen & Pouch in the Floral Dot Pattern while out shopping today was a great distraction while waiting for thunderstorms to clear out. If you have found yourself out and about darting wet weather, you are not alone!

Kate Spade Stylus Pen & Pouch Floral Dot

The 5.25″ Floral Dot metal pen with rubber stylus tip lists for $28.00. Features include a leatherette pouch with spade snap and come in black ink.

Kate Spade Stylus Pen
Clickable image linking to Kate Spade Stylus Pen Floral Dot, style # 193840

 “we live in a digital world, but some things need to be done the old-fashioned way. this pretty black-ink pen with a matching pouch is perfect for signing contracts and deals or jotting down a great idea when your device is dead.”

Furthermore, while it feels early to mention “back to school to me”, it is worth noting over at the Kate Spade Stylus Pen & Pouch Floral Dot page on their site, it includes a special offer. “enjoy a complimentary lanyard with any back to school shop purchase of $198 or more!”

The Kate Spade Stylus Pen is available in Floral Dot. In addition to the multicolor, there is also the gold dot stylus pen and pouch.

One of the most appealing things to considering this pen is the matching pouch, making it more likely it will stay with me! With my mobile letter writing kit, I keep in the car in case I’m waiting and find a few minutes, a pen with a pouch like this is an extra splurge instead of using the ubiquitous pen from a package of ten stick ballpoint package of pens from the dollar store for having a pen for use as the backup.

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