Summer Wildflower Wax Seals

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Summer Wildflower Wax Seals
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Having the flexibility of the Summer Wildflower Wax Seals available in sets of five has me seeing their flexibility for carrying with me.

Over at Etsy VenusEnvyPaper Shop, the number option is showing from five, ten, fifteen, twenty, … up to 500 seals.

Summer Wildflower Wax Seals

We are beginning with this image of it on the back of an envelope.

“Flower Handmade Real Wax Seal. A delicate looking flower perfect for a wedding invitation or birthday party. Sample … in Sapphire. Size is 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch.”

Image VenusEnvyPaper Etsy Shop

I’m especially liking the personalization choices for three basic shapes for the wax seals listing, with the default being circular.

“What shape would you like your seals to be in? 

1 is circular… all the same
2 is wavy/organic… several variations between them
3 is very irregular… no two alike and I do not recommend mailing this one”

The color choices are many and I am looking forward to ordering a set of the Summer Wildflower Wax Seals, probably in the Lemon Pearl color with option 3 irregular shape.

Seeing these remind me of the flexibility of the Sea Turtle Wax Seal Peel and Stick Seals (1-17-2019).  

As we wrap up, I’m hoping this finds your July 4th Holiday festivities were enjoyable. Join me tomorrow as we kick off the second week of July.

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P.S. Today is daily blog post #1593. The trek continues to 1600!

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