USPS Battle for Leyte Gulf 29¢ Stamp & Battle for Leyte Gulf 75th Anniversary Commemoration Event Today

The Battle for Leyte Gulf 29¢ Stamp was part of the USPS 1944 WWII Road to Victory Collectible Stamp Sheet.

First, today’s date is of importance. In Washington, DC today is an October 23, 2019, ceremony to honor the 75th anniversary for The Battle of Leyte Gulf, (23-26 Oct 1944).

“A brief ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the the campaign to liberate the Philippines with the largest amphibious operation in the Pacific to date onto the shores of Leyte, while the American Navy waged the largest and last naval battle of the war in Leyte Gulf to defend the landing troops from Japanese sea attacks.”

Before beginning, my thanks to Ellen for sharing with me about today’s date.

Battle of Leyte and Battle of Leyte Gulf 75th Anniversary Commemoration

The Friends of the National World War II Memorial website’s historical summary text about the Battle of Leyte and the Battle of Leyte Gulf (Leyte, Philippines) is excellent.

There is a one minute video I’m embedding here. Its title is Friends of the National World War II Memorial’s 4-Year WWII 75th Anniversary Commemoration, 2016-2020″. It was posted two months ago. 

USPS Battle for Leyte Gulf 29¢ Stamp

Next, in case you are new to my daily blog, back on June 6, 2016, was my post on the D-Day Stamp and Letters written after D-Day. It is also part of this same 1994 souvenir stamp sheet.

“The Postal Service commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of World War II with the issuance of a miniature sheet of ten 29-cent stamps, on June 6, 1994, on the USS Normandy. “The 1994: Road to Victory” miniature sheet was the fourth in a series of five issues through 1995 commemorating major events of World War II.”

I’m also including this partial excerpt about Mystic Stamp #2838i

“… The Battle for Leyte Gulf was the greatest naval battle in history. In a desperate last effort to win the war, the Japanese unleashed a terrifying new weapon – kamikazes – suicide pilots who would crash planes filled with explosives onto Allied warships. Before the war ended they had sunk or damaged over 300 U.S. ships…”

Thank you for all of your good wishes yesterday celebrating daily blog post #1700. Today is #1701. The trek to #1750 has begun. See you tomorrow!

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