APS Celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month 2019

The American Philatelic Society (APS) is celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month all month long, October 2019! As a letter-writing enthusiast, loving stamps goes hand in hand with old school correspondence with the individuality and TAdahhhh factor of using different stamps, like icing on a cake with decorating, in this case, the envelope!

First, as a quick reminder, we can still get a birthday card into the mail today to James South; especially with today’s postmark being the actual day of him turning 100 years old! WWII Veteran Requesting 100 Birthday Cards for 100th Birthday on October 7th. My trip to the Post Office will also find me getting today’s postmark on a birthday card I’m sending for a special young lady turning three-years-old!

We are beginning with a Tweet from Saturday by APS Celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month

Clickable image linking to the @APS_stamps Tweet reads as follows. “In October’s #AP: Happy #NationalStampCollectingMonth! https://aps.buzz/theAP Highlights of #StampShow2019 #DitchthisMagazine The Inverted Jenny that never was Warren Buffett at StampShow & more! #JoinMyAPS today: https://aps.buzz/Join #stampcollecting”

Next, this is an Instagram of APS celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month

In the image, you’ll note they are encouraging APS members to “ditch” your October magazine issue so that others may come across it and help garner stamp collecting interest.

Instagram aps_stamps Happy Stamp Collecting Month! Help others see the value of joining the APS by ditching your October issue! #joinmyaps Share your photos with us! #stampcollecting #stamps #stampcollectingmonth

And lastly, I’m still finding The Art of Stamp Collecting pdf, from 2007, online at the US Postal Service Publication 225.

Stamp Collecting Commemorative 1972 US Stamp 8c, from my AnchoredScraps 5-25-2016 daily blog post, USPS

Wilmington Philatelic Society meeting this week!

This week includes attending my local stamp club October meeting. I’m already looking forward to the two presentations on how to get our stamps off of the paper. One by Jimmy demonstrating soaking old fashion “lick n stick” stamps off of paper using water, and another by Richard showing his method for getting self-adhesive stamps off of paper.

It is going to be a fast-paced week. I’m optimistic about it including getting some letters out in the mail!

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P.S. Today is daily blog post #1685, we are en route to 1700!

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