BHG Free Christmas Letter Templates

There are 33 BHG Free Christmas Letter Templates available “to help you send Holiday Cheer” I’m seeing at Better Homes & Gardens.

When looking to view any of them, it is offering the option to view as PDF making it easy for downloading. My point in sharing this is there are some really nice layouts, and having them for FREE is extra nice!

“Our free Christmas card templates feature colorful borders, pretty frames, and plenty of space for your annual Christmas letter. Our templates are available as a free PDF download, so you can add a typed letter directly onto the design or write out holiday greetings by hand.”

The BHG title names include Traditional Christmas, All is Calm, Joy to the World, Merry Trees, Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights.

The naming continues for each of the 33 templates for Christmas Newsletter with “Letter” in the titles.

I’m encouraging us to go ahead and put together one this year for Christmas 2019. This gives the benefit of not repeating the same key items by hand in each note and yet lets us then add a note personalizing for each one, what I call Writing Christmas NewsLetter Hybrid (12-04-2017).

Once again, tomorrow finds us greeting Friday and 13 days away from Christmas! There is still time for participating with a Christmas Newsletter!

Anchors Aweigh, 


P.S. What a joy today to pull out all of the Christmas CD’s and the first one into the player was the Carpenters Christmas Portrait, I’m still loving hearing Karen Carpenter singing her classic renditions.

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