Scott 1750 American Dance Theater Stamp & Celebrating AnchoredScraps 1750 Daily Blog Post Today

We are Celebrating AnchoredScraps 1750 Daily Blog Post Today with this nod to the 13c 1978 Scott #1750 American Dance Theater Stamp. My thanks to my buddy Brian for suggesting the idea of a stamp with a number tie in for celebrating today’s daily blog post milestone.

First, here is the Scott #1750 American Dance Theater Stamp

There is a Scott catalog number associated with stamps. Scott #1750 is this stamp I’m showing today.

“This stamp is part of a block of four stamps issued to commemorate the contribution of dance to American society. Represented in the set are ballet, folk, or square dance, modern dance, and theater.”

Next, about Scott Numbers

If you are wondering what is a Scott catalog number and what has it got to do with stamps, I’m including this from Wikipedia Scott catalogue.

The Scott catalogue of postage stamps, published by Scott Publishing Company, … is updated annually and lists all the stamps of the world that its editors recognize as issued for postal purposes….

Finally, here is an AnchoredScraps every 250 Milestone listing

It continues to amaze me how quickly the time goes by and I’m writing “another” 250 days milestone – the next one will be August 17, 2020.

Thank you sincerely for being on this daily blog journey with me. If you have been reading my blog for anytime now, perhaps you’ll recognize where you came onboard reading the posts.

Before closing, it was a fantastic Wilmington Philatelic Society Christmas Dinner earlier this evening. I’ll have a follow-up post on some very special stamp collecting goodies from it, which I’ll share within the next few days.

Anchors Aweigh, 


Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Mystic Stamp Company, USPS Scott #1750





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